All about iBeacons

Mobile Marketing that Works – Wallet Cards

iBeaconFI just released our mobile marketing system based on Wallet cards.  If you have not looking at incorporating Wallet promotions into your marketing mix, you need to look today at this. Wallet cards are a great way to get into sophisticated mobile marketing.  The advantages to the organization and to the customers are many.  It […]

Active vs Passive iBeacon systems

Many people are familiar with the Active iBeacon systems as they are the ones we read the most about. Those that trigger an app on a phone to deliver something to the phone. But what is also possible is to turn the whole system around. The iBeacon can be attached to something that is worn, […]

iBeacons are for More then Just Pushing Coupons

Most of what people have heard about iBeacons is that they are used for pushing coupons to people when they are in stores, but they can do so much more. Did you know that with one small device that costs under 20 Euros, you have the ability to do so many amazing things? Here is […]

iBeaconFI Winner of KONE Elevator’s API Challenge

The wait is over! After weeks of excitement, KONE jury members have made a decision. The winner of KONE API Challenge 2015 is is a new breed of mobile development company founded on the ideas of design thinking. The company incorporates the designer’s sensibility and methods to match what is technologically feasible with […]