iBeacons for Safety

iBeacons are fast becoming one of industries main safety tools.  iBeacons are a cost effective way to manage safety in construction and industrial manufacturing environments.

With our system we are able to keep track of employees automatically, logging them into and out of places.  Imagine being able to know at all times where your people are and who is on site, by doing nothing more then checking your phone!  That future is here now.

We also have iBeacons that are able to warm people of danger zones or equipment.  We have iBeacons that can be places on arm bands and hard-hats to provide alarms in the form of audio and vibration.  iBeacons can even be configured to "lock-out" the use of equipment when people are in defined "zones".

All of this is at highly affordable prices.  Contact us today to learn more about improving your safety with iBeacons.