iBeacons for Shopping

iBeacons are quickly becoming the single most important technological revolution for shops since the introduction of the Credit Card machine.

What iBeacons do is allow shop owners to merge the digital with the physical world to drive more sales. We know that customers are already using their mobile phones to shop, but how many shop owners have realized they are also using them to make purchase decisions in their stores?

People use Google and Amazon to check prices of things they are thinking of buying. They look up reviews. They consult their social networks. Today people not only do this before they go you the store, they do this IN the store. And guess what? They change their mind about buying based on that information. In fact, according to recent Google research:

There are 1 million video reviews of products on YouTube.
82% of smartphone users turn to their devices to help them make a product decision. What they find online can influence their decisions right down to the very last minute before a purchase. After reading something on a smartphone, nearly one in four shoppers has changed his or her mind about buying something while in the checkout line.

What iBeacons help shop owners do is to control the experience for the user. Point them to the reviews and information that will help them to make better purchase decisions. Give them the information they need to make your shop more competitive.

At the same time, iBeacons offer a fabulous opportunity to capture the customer and provide them with incentives to buy at the moment when they are considering a purchase.

There are many opportunities, and many use cases in the world already. Just take a look at our Flipboard magazine for some of the things already being done.