iBeacons for Information

iBeacons are a great way to help travelers get the information they need in the location where they are. iBeacons can trigger a traveler's phone to deliver location specific information in a multitude of languages. Because they auto load content to users, there are no messy or complicated menus to navigate. Just get near an iBeacon and see the content associated with it.

iBeacons for Tour Operators

iBeacons can be used as virtual sales assistants by tour operators. We know that excursions are a great way to generate extra revenues from clients. The problem comes that to cover a large number of places where clients are staying is expensive and time consuming. iBeacons allow you to put a virtual excursion sales assistant in every location that is available 24/7 to the clients. Never miss out on a sale again.

iBeacons for Hotels

iBeacons are an inexpensive way to drive more destination related sales. In hotels and spas, iBeacons can be used to highlight specials and information to guests. Incorporating them into your existing app, can bring a host of location based offers to your guest. Help guest to know better what you have to offer, and let them explore offers on their phone, at their convenience. iBeacons are also great for VIP services, alerting you to when guests are nearby.